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Buy all your vegan favourites here!

Buy all Bravura's products here including Free From Fellows, Peanut Hottie and Freedom Mallows.

FREE Shipping when you spend over £20!

Freedom Mallows

Tasty vegan marshmallows.

With free shipping when you spend over £20.

Panda Liquorice

Delicious vegetarian liquorice.

With free shipping when you spend over £20.

These are amazing vegan products, I love the Free From Fellows range. I tried the Wine Gums the other day - they are fantastic!

Amy, Customer

I first tried Peanut Hottie a few years back, i've loved it ever since! Since they've brought out the chocolate version i've not looked back.

Rob, Customer

I love Freedom Mallows. My personal favourite is the vanilla, but the others are great. The Mallow Out bars are bang on!

Alex, Customer